Anastasia Beverly hills Matte lipstick and highlighter

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While the announcement of Anastasia Beverly hills subculture made makeup lovers freak out, two other announcements got totally sidelined and didn’t get much attention ie ABH matte Lipsticks and  ABH liquid glow.
Better late than never, Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Matte lipstick is finally happening. The brand that made us love liquid matte lipsticks is going to the basics. Basically, I never expected lipsticks from them as they recently launched the lip palette and it was like a wish granted.

With its black and gold color schemed packaging it truly has won my heart, the color range include everything in 30 shades. Although the matte lipsticks are basic products found in every other brand, but Anastasia’s product aren’t “just basic”. My hopes are high as the lipstick seems to be pigmented , also hoping it to be opaque and as amazing as their every other product.

The  ABH matte liquid collection will be available for $18 each July 25 at their website.

The brand is  also launching the Liquid glow highlighters on the same day as ABH Subculture and Matte liquid lipsticks.

After the Aurora and Nicola palettes, I thought they need to calm down about their highlighters line but they don’t seem to settle down. Haha!
With its new formula, Team Anastasia is surely  gonna make our cheeckbones glow from ‘Up above the World’.

Can’t wait until Tuesday, July 25.

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