My Acne Story| How I cleared my skin + 9 years with Neutrogena

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Acne and teenage was synonymous for many of us including me. One thing I have battled with even before turning 13 was acne/pimples with oily skin. Though I was never conscious about how I looked but people can’t function without negativity and bringing others down. Honestly, it made me really embarrassed, lost my confidence and I had no idea what led to this neither how to help the situation.
Initially I tried keeping a separate soap  (yes, back in the day there were no facewash or at least I wasn’t aware), replaced the regular face towel with a soft cotton cloth, I didn’t really used any makeup and had a close check on my diet though it wasn’t really bad. My skin was still visibly oily and sensitive so nothing really worked.
When I was 14 my aunt introduced me to Neutrogena face bar for acne prone skin, it changed my Life completely and I never looked back. My acne calmed down in the first week and in the next few weeks it was totally under control. Later I switched to the Neutrogena acne prone facewash in the next few months and this product became my staple no matter what.

My skin was visibly clear and I no more picked or popped any of the pimples because the facewash did handled my skin quite well and it was my ride or die skincare product.
It penetrates deep to clean pores to help prevent pimples by removing excess oil and surface buildup.
I have recommended this to my friends and cousin and it has helped them too.
Since my skin was excessively oily/combination type, the salicylic acid present didn’t really made my skin this might not work for the normal-dry skin type.

I would always carry facewash in my bag just in case I went to see my friend/cousins and stayed over or wherever I go, I didn’t wanted to feel the same way again even for a day. I have used the Neutrogena Oil free Acne wash for over 9 years which transitioned my skin tremendously. I no longer feared about the monthly visitors or any hormonal changes cos I had my weapons ready. My skin is way less oily and sensitive now, I can describe my skin type as normal to combination and that’s not less than a great achievement for me.

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