Top 5 Makeup products under SAR 50

Are you planning to update your makeup collection without blowing away entire wallet? Head to buy these products which are globally lauded and finally a day to rejoice over your bill / be a #Divaonbudget
Here, find the makeup products which are worth your money .All products are under 50 riyal and available in ksa

       1. LA girl Pro coverage illuminating hd Foundation – SAR 45
o    one of the best drugstores foundation which gives flawless looking full coverage finish. This foundation comes with 16 shades and also a white mixer with which you can customize your shade. This product seems to be a dupe of Makeup forever hd foundation because of the packaging. Let me know if u need a full review on this.

     → Available here ←

        2. Elf Studio contouring blush and bronzing powder (Fiji) – SAR 25
     The figi duo comes with a matte blush and matte bronzing powder perfect for your everyday look or a subtle party look. The blush is warm, dusty rose and blends easily on your skin. The bronzer look warm but it shows up with cool undertone so it’s great to use to over your contours. I would highly recommend this product if you are fair-medium skin toned and for the price it’s a must have!
   → Grab it here ←


       3.Colourpop lipstick – SAR 40
I    if you’re a lipstick lover then you need to grab these because they need no introduction or review from me, they’re super awesome liquid lipsticks with amazing quality, long lasting, available in ultra-matte and satin finish in wide range of shades.
   Available with almost all sellers including → this ← web store or → Fashion and makeup Jeddah 

        4.LA girl pro Hd concealer- SAR 20
I      if you’re someone who can’t step out without concealer and need one on budget, you need to buy this ASAP. Almost every beauty blogger/youtuber raves about how fab the formula is. I find few people selling it twice or thrice the actual price but the only one who gives at a fair price is → glamourbeauty ← for 20 bucks .


5    5.Wet n wild  Mega glo Highlighter –SAR 45
“   If you can’t see her highlighter from space, she isn’t wearing enough!”
     We all need highlighter that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet and gives In stagram approved highlight popping look. And guess what, It does the job giving natural luminous look. Highlighters are rare to find at the drugstore and thankfully wet n wild have granted our wish <3

   Available at instagram based store : beautyparlorksa  ( 

3 Skin care tips for your 20s

It’s time that we stop acting like a acne-prone teenager showing  frustration on snapchat for the new guests on face and start taking skin overhauls seriously!
Following a skin care routine is must for your today if you really want to nurture your skin and stave off aging later.

1. So, there are two important things to act upon in your routine i.e. Sunscreen and Antioxidants.
And if you’re someone who thinks to skimp off sunscreen because you’re home or indoors mostly (we all know ‘Life in Middle-eastern countries’) but you are still wrong. Imagine walking up to your car from your building and sun is coming through your windshield, the harmful UV rays will still effect you.
I’m definitely not telling you what UV exposure does to your skin because you know that already [UV rays are the main factor that causes aging and so much more]
 so yeah, please get that sunscreen with Spf30 .

Antioxidants are perfect for reducing oxygen-free radicals, the unstable particles that damage our skin cells. Free radicals can potentially lead to sun damage and even skin cancers that are emitted when your body breaks down food or taken in when your body is exposed to harmful irritants, stress or even poor diets.
All in all increase your intake in food rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin E

2. Keeping your skin clean
Starting and ending your day with washing your face is the best thing you can do for your face!
Cleansing and finding the right product is critical yet crucial and you can only do it yourself. Understand the needs of your skin and re-think if your using same products which was once effective and now causing acne, irritation or similar since we don’t have the same skin as we did few years back.
- Upgrade your cleanser
- keep your skin moisturized
- Spot treat your acne
And please don’t sleep with your makeup on, seriously!

3. Fats is the new diet.
Eating right and working out matters for your skin not just face but for the entire body. Staying hydrated not only shows on your face but it is healthy too.
Including nuts and seeds in your diet which are packed with vitamins and antioxidants is essential to delay the process of anti-aging,
Remember! Consistency is the key.

Sticking to a routine is going to do wonders for the coming the 30s and later. No product is going to work if you use it once in a blue moon.

Top 5 YouTube beauty gurus 2016 – My favorite

 Have you ever stumbled on a channel of a beauty vlogger and felt that this person has created all those tutorials you ever wanted and it’s like finding your soul sister? And, naturally you hit that ‘subscribe’ button, raid all the videos and the rest is history!
I have rounded up few channels in random order which I enjoy watching for endless information and inspiration

    Sona is a professional Makeup artist who started creating YouTube videos to show her passion of makeup and beauty skills. Her bridal makeup tutorials are not the ones to be missed. This LA beauty will show you all you need to know in the beauty Department.
She creates the most surreal makeup looks of which her most popular is 'how to look beautiful without makeup grabbing 4.5M views! Watch it here ;)
This month Sona has started her own cosmetic line – ‘Persona Cosmetics and launched her Identity palette.

Photo :

    Kaushal Beauty 

    From her Indian wedding GRWM (Get Ready with Me) to celebrity inspired looks, from her drugstore to High End makeup tutorials, nude lips to dark lips, day to night looks, skincare routine to foundation routine she has got something for everyone! Kaushal based in London is indeed the queen of glam winning the hearts of over 1M subscribers. Her Indian wedding guest tutorial [GRMW] are candid.

Photo :

     Melissa Alatorre

Being a self-taught Makeup Artist herself, she started her YouTube channel last year to show her passion for makeup. Her eye shadow looks are the stuff of dreams. She’s also a Freelance makeup artist in LA.

Photo :
Sadiiyah started her YT channel over a year ago. This UK based beauty is slaying with her ultra-glam makeup looks on her channel.
Expertly blended eye shadows, metallic, mattes and her highlighter? Always on fleek!
Photo :

   MrJovita George 

     A Kuwait –based Indian You tuber who re-created celebrity looks, her picks for lipsticks on Indian skin tones and beauty hacks are amazing. I always await for her travel vlogs.

Photo :

The Begining

I’ve always said myself “I want to do it” and have been contemplating until he looked into my eyes and told,
‘Let it begin’,
No matter how long or short your journey will be, LET IT BEGIN,
 No matter whether it will be successful or not, LET IT BEGIN!

The Beginning
So here I’m starting fresh with new ideas and new way of thinking. I’m on the hunt for who I always wanted to be and yet to become. The beginning. Yes the first step in blogging and I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon!
I would love to share my zeal for makeup, my passion of soaking all the knowledge about it, watching YouTube videos has become more of a joy than an activity itself!

I hope my passion inspire you too in anyway it can and make you feel beautiful.

Thank you!